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Infinite Realty

Self Service Infinite MLS+

For a $600/month subscription fee, you can list an Infinite amount of property on the MLS and 24+ partner sites, while skipping the listing commission 100%!

We’ve got over 6 decades of collective experience in real estate and marketing on our core team. Our mission is to help you sell faster by increasing exposure and trust.

To get detailed information how your company will benefit from our service, book your 30-minute Discovery call today!

List once, advertise everywhere...

Unlimited Listings:

MLS: Canada
Real Estate Wire
TMG (Lender)
Point 2 Homes
Microsoft Bing
Zillow CA
Real Smart Deal
Kijiji CA
TD Bank
CoStar Group
Youvirt Listings

All these and more...

Yearly Sales Volume


$116,300 - $239,800

Yearly Savings


Flat Rate MLS+ Service for Homes, Land & Commercial.

The most powerful platform for real estate marketing is undeniably the Multiple Listing Service. We’re able to list your inventory on the MLS, and 3rd party sites with better terms and significantly less out-of-pocket costs than comparable services such as Bode or Fair Square.

You’re able to list residential, commercial, land and income producing properties through our self service dashboard. You keep full control of the selling process, negotiations and buyer inquiries.

Let us show you how quick and easy it is to list an unlimited amount inventory and why our product is a game-changer!

86%* of buyers

Use the MLS® to search

In a recent survey, 86% of respondents either used the MLS directly, or through a REALTOR® to find their home. In contrast to the less-than-5% that searched for property off-market, there’s a big difference in market share.

Our service allows you to access the majority of qualified buyers that otherwise may have passed over your listings entirely.


Industry Trust

Agents can feel at ease.

We’re more than just a MLS listing service. We’re a brand that real estate agents trust.

Agents trust OUR brand, because they know that we have policy and contracts in place to protect them. This fosters trust, which translates into more sales for our Infinite MLS+ clients.


With our Listing Accelerator®

Want your listing to be front and center? With our listing accelerator program, you’ll get the utmost attention from REALTORS®.

We will show you our powerful marketing strategy that will sell more of your inventory without decreasing your bottom line. Book discovery call today!


The Best

of both worlds

-When you list a property with a REALTOR® on a full service listing agreement, you’re generally obligated to pay their selling side commission whether the buyer is unrepresented and dealing with you directly, or working with your realtor.

-With our Infinite MLS+ program, you only pay commission when the buyer is brought to you by a REALTOR®


Infinite MLS+