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Recession or Correction?

The benefit of having been in the Alberta real estate industry for more than 20 years is that I have sold houses in Recessions, Corrections, Pandemics, Sellers’ Market (inventory low) and Buyer’s Market (inventory high).  Lately there has been a great deal of chatter...

Thinking of Selling Privately?

Thinking of Selling Privately? Everything You Need to know?  I have been in the real estate industry since 1996. I started as a rookie with an unquenchable desire to learn every aspect of the real estate market.  I remain a long-time student of formal real estate...

Why isn’t my condo selling?

Why Isn’t my Condo Selling? …My Magic Recipe!  I’ve met with hundreds of sellers over my career and the two most important things that sellers want to know is: #1 How much can I get (net) for my home? And #2 How long will it take to sell?  I have been answering these...

Get 10% Cash-Back

LIMITED TIME ONLY   Thinking of Buying within the next 90 days? Infinite Realty Service is proud to offer ANY BUYER that purchases ANY PROPERTY with us will receive 10% cash-back of our total selling commission from your transaction!    Whether we find your...

From Starter Home to Retirement Fund: How Real Estate Can Build Your Wealth.

From Starter Home to Retirement Fund: How Real Estate Can Build Your Wealth Real estate is a powerful tool for building long-term wealth. With the right investment strategy and approach, it can provide stable returns, generate passive income, and offer a range of tax...

Lorri Brewer - Broker

Natasha Aiello - Agent

Jordan Zabloski - Agent


 Clint Cole – Past Agent


In the time I have known Lorri she has demonstrated almost every angle of a great leader I can think of. Strength, integrity, self-sacrifice, and excellent mentorship are words that can be used to describe her personality. She has an excellent ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently as they occur. This is perhaps my favourite quality about her because she wastes no time dwelling on problems, or pointing fingers a people who may have made mistakes, she just fixes them.

Her experience and education, combined with a positive attitude and true passion for real estate make Lorri Brewer an excellent broker. It was an easy choice for me to choose her and her brokerage to start my real estate career and if I had to do again, I would do it without hesitation. Thank you Lorri for all that you do!




Clarice & Dwayne – Holden, AB


I would recommend Infinite Realty Service to anyone wishing to sell their home! They are honest, showed everything up front before signing up the listing, has a reduced commission called the Seniors Program and gave us all the real estate information we needed for our situation.

Lorri Brewer worked hard for us; she did not just take our listing then forget about us. She sold our home in less than 30 days, and at a time real estate wasn’t selling that good.  Lorri treated us like friends, not just a client, and after the sale and we moved she still kept in contact with us. We give her a ten out of ten!




Sue & Scott L – Gilford, Ontario

We have worked with Lorri on three different real estate deals. Both buying and selling property. Lorri is clearly goal focused. She supported us when we found ourselves in difficult situations and her creative, relentless efforts lead us to solutions and success.

Lorri takes time to understand complex situations, identifies her client’s goals and then gets to work.  Lorri is quick to understand when a change of strategy is needed and she helped us adjust and meet our end goals in every deal.

She is truly a pleasure to work with in every aspect of getting a deal done. Thank you very much for everything you do Lorri.




Brian Cuthbertson – REALTOR®

Having worked with a few different brokerages gives me a great idea as to what is important to me. Infinite Realty Service has been a real pleasure to work with. You are treated as part of a team even though we are all separate individuals running our businesses.

Our Broker Lorri cares so much for the realtors and does intensive ongoing training to be sure we are all up to speed with all of the laws and practices in real estate.

Confidence comes from many things and in many ways to each of us but having the full support and guidance of my Broker builds full confidence in what I do knowing Who is in my corner supporting me.



Natasha Aiello – REALTOR®


When I was a new agent looking for a brokerage to join, I was mostly compelled by brokers who used words like “collaboration” and “mentorship.” As a new agent, it was vital to me that I be well-prepared and able to make money as soon as possible, considering the exorbitant costs, especially in the first year of being an agent. I wish I had known about Infinite Realty Service back then because the brokerage I went with promised those things and more, but once I signed, I felt completely on my own.

Lorri Brewer genuinely cares about her agents and is personally invested in our success. She provides the training, resources and guidance that have become the backbone of my service to my clients. There are also no hidden fees with Lorri as there often are with other brokerages. What she presented to me is exactly how it is – the only surprises at Infinite Realty Service are the good kind!


About Infinite Realty Service

We are a full service real estate brokerage based out of Edmonton Alberta serving the greater Edmonton area and beyond. Infinite Realty Service is a boutique brokerage focusing on customer service and giving back to the community.

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Broker / Owner: Lorri Brewer
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