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Thinking of Buying within the next 90 days? Infinite Realty Service is proud to offer ANY BUYER that purchases ANY PROPERTY with us will receive 10% cash-back of our total selling commission from your transaction! 


Whether we find your home on the MLS or a private sale, ANY and ALL buyers that use Infinite Realty Service to purchase a home will automatically get 10% cashback. There are no strings, no secret handshakes, and no catches—if you are buying within 90 days you will get 10% cashback on your purchase with Infinite Realty Service!  


At Infinite Realty Service-Where Anything is Possible, we collectively wanted to support and help buyers purchase their next home. With interest rates on the rise, we decided the best way to support a buyer in today’s marketplace is with giving 10% of our selling commission back to you! 


You will not only get a wonderful buying experience with one of our agents, but we will also give you our unparalleled customer service, educate you on the market, find you the best home, keep you updated, and most importantly we will take the stress out of buying. 


If you, or anyone else you know would like 10% cash back when you take possession of your new home, then send them this link and have them complete the contact form.


Once you complete the contact form below, Lorri Brewer—Broker, will call you to get you started.